RAER Pedro Ximenez Blended Expression


RAER has sourced exquisite first fill Pedro Ximénez sherry casks from the Jerez region of Andalucía in Spain to bring you a mouth-watering sherry finish. Our team decanted, national and international award winning, RAER whisky into each sherry cask. Oloroso and now Pedro Ximénez finishes have been created using this process. Each cask is laid down for further maturation in bond at Jackton Distillery, to create these specialist whisky expressions.

Jerez has long been hailed as the world’s premium sherry region, with their wines being documented dating back to the 1st century BC. RAER’s first fill sherry casks come from this protected region to produce wonderful expressions of our national drink. Rules laid down in Roman times, relating to soil type and grape varieties are still observed today. The colour of the expression whiskies comes from the sherry previously contained within the cask, which was produced using sun dried grapes.

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On the nose…
A bouquet of ripe raisins, figs, dates, delicious marzipan, banana and créme brûlée.

On the palate…
This silky, rich dram drenches your palate with notes of toasted oak, honey, figs, caramelised sugar and a subtle hint of roasted coffee.

The finish…
An outstanding fruity spirit which is somewhat complex and perfectly expressive. Warm and smooth, with the right amount of smoky bitterness to balance the juice sherry flavours.