Raer Blended Scotch Whisky 5cl Mini

The Original RAER Blended Scotch Whisky, 5cl


The Original RAER Blended Scotch Whisky

This national and international award-winning blended whisky delivers satisfaction from the first sip.

Expertly crafted with the finest seasonal malts and grains, this is a seriously smooth, easy-drinking dram.

40% ABV Unpeated

Try a RAER Whisky cocktail!

Fresh: Pour a shot of RAER Whisky over crushed ice, add a squeeze of fresh lime to cut through those delicious whisky oils and top with sweet refreshing lemonade.

Fruity: Add ginger beer and fresh cranberry juice to your RAER Whisky to enjoy a spicy cocktail bursting with berry flavours and a warming ginger kick.

Prefer a more traditional serve?

Simply savour your RAER dram neat or on the rocks with your eyes closed and your mind open.

If you would like to order RAER Craft Spirit miniatures for an upcoming wedding or event, please contact enquiries@raer.co.uk

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On the nose…
Ripe raisin and cereals, with a touch of nuttiness and a hint of freshly cut grass.

On the palate…
Tangy hints of orange and smooth caramel complement one another in this warming signature RAER blend.

The finish…
A lingering finish with satisfying suggestions of fruitcake complete this delicious whisky that is easy to drink and enjoy.

Whisky Scented Hand Sanitiser

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