Born of a family’s shared passion for whisky, RAER [rare] crosses generational divides and encourages debate between seasoned whisky drinkers and newcomers alike, to enjoy this precious tipple their way; whether straight, on the rocks or in a special cocktail.

Not only do we have our own source of water at the farm where our distillery is located, we are also growing our own barley to ensure that we are providing the freshest, highest quality products to our local community and the wider world.

ABOUT RAER [rare] adjective

Our family business was born of a shared love of our national drink and our passion to support our father’s dream of forging a community around whisky. With community and quality at the heart of everything we do, we take great pride in producing our RAER spirit and believe it is a heritage we should all treasure. This is not about us, it’s about you, and we’d love you to share your RAER moments with us using #raermoment

RAER can be enjoyed not just by avid whisky drinkers, but by those who wouldn’t necessarily reach for a whisky first. We all have our own individual tastes, so drink it your way, whether that be straight, with your eyes closed and mind open or in a special cocktail, don’t be afraid to mix it up! If you need some inspiration why not have a browse through our recommended RAER cocktails!

Experimentation is welcomed as we are all unique with our own individual tastes, we are, each of us RAER [rare]

A RAER [rare] mix it up

Whether you love a clean citrus twist, have a sweet tooth or crave a winter warmer there is something for everyone in our RAER cocktail recipe book. Why not host a RAER party night and challenge your friends and family to create their own RAER cocktail? If we like the recipe too, you may even see it being featured on our website! Whether you are having a quiet night in, hosting a party or are out celebrating, share your RAER moments with us at #raermoments … after all, it’s not about us… it’s about you!